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Bid sheet template

Bid sheet template is a sample document that list all the items with details that are ready for the participants bid on the price. A well designed bid sheet sample can help the event organizer to organize the event smoothly and raise the fund for their target.

Bid Sheet Format

Bid sheet needs to consider the total items that will be on the auction. There might be many items on the auction as you may consider using a computerized program or volunteers. Volunteers is key to the successful running of a silent auction. Participants will need assistance understanding the bidding process and detail information about each items.

Bid sheet needs to give a number for each items. If you have many items, you may need to do arrangement based on the conditions. You need also consider the bid sheet style. In general, printed bid sheets will look better and be easier to read than hand-written ones. In your bid sheet, you may bid numbers instead of names to make competition among guests anonymous and friendly and clearly state the minimum bid increment to reduce confusion.

Bid Sheet Template Design

There is sheet example you can consider for reference, however, you may develop your sample bid sheet template based on the auction situation and requirements. During the design process, it is essential to consider the bid sheet format, bit sheet layout and bit sheet forms.

The first key part in the bid sheet template is the bid sheet header. In the section, you need to state the bid sheet purpose and objectives. For example, what is the purpose of the auction and process of the auction and who will be the beneficiary of the total proceeds etc.

The second key part in the bid sheet form is the bid sheet item part. In the section, you need to state the details of the item. For example, The name of the item:__; The Item description:__, The value of the item:__; The Item donator:__ etc.

The third key part in the bid sheet example is the bid sheet footer. In the section, you need to state the bidding process and requirements. You will state the details of bidding participants. For example, Name:__; Address:__; Phone Number:__; Bid Amount:__.


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